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Website Critique


Is your website all that it can be? I take my background in art therapy, art, design and psychology and put it to work for you. I evaluate your website, facebook or blog and recommend changes or improvements if necessary. I will tell you what you are doing right and where you can go to get more views from your target audience. I will suggest market strategy and work with you to move forward with it.

Branding/ Marketing Consultant


Need help with your fledgling business but don't even know where to begin? I'm your first stop. Whether you have an idea, or have been plodding along for a year, I can help you refine your brand, troubleshoot marketing issues, build your social media marketing strategies or just brain-storm With you and your staff to get things moving in the right direction.

Build Your Website


No matter the platform, I can put together an eye-catching and memorable website for you that will translate your message to the world in a unique and revenue producing way.

Banner Image


Tell me about your product and company and I will take a custom digital photograph and create a one of a kind, unique banner image for you suitable for your 121hub Feature Image or anywhere on your 121hub site or ancillary Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn page. My images are surprising, colorful, complex and eye-catching.

Facebook Fan Page Creation


I'll build you a beautiful Facebook business page that will continue your brand and help spread your empire.

Pinterest Marketing


Use the Power of Pinterest to Market your Products. Pinterest lovers use the site like a Google Search engine.

H Happy Clients

Website portfolio sample
Facebook Page : Foster Parent Rescue
Empty Ashtray Blog

Go to my Portfolio Section to see More :)

1 121hub : What The Hub-Bub's All About...

What Is 121 Hub (Those in the know pronouce it One to One Hub) 

121 hub is a personal branding and web design site, but we are so much more. We want to make everyone we come in contact with succeeds  

While we build the perfect Machine to serve Humans ;) we are putting our growing Membership on hold...

We believe in bringing you 100%  

Till we open our doors, please use the brainiacs in our Concierge Showcase for all your Website Needs. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Is it the sound of the keys striking the roller, the weight of the machine on the table as it rocks with each meaningful letter or the nostalgic memories of learning to type at my Mother's dining room table that draws me towards every Royal prince I see.

December 7, 2014

How to Take a Unique Floral Image

How to Take a Unique Floral Image

Taking a more meaningful image of your garden's summer blooms means looking at a group of colors and shapes in a new way.

December 7, 2014

121 Hub Helps You Shine

121 Hub Helps You Shine

People on 121hub LOVE it... why? What is so special about 121hub.com? Well, if you are one of our Founding Members, you get an Incredible deal... Really, Look around.

November 23, 2014

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